How do you figure things out?99 ways
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Research & Culture & Business

Gamestorming      5

        Respect - Implicitly Care

Respect - Implicitly Care      186

          Five-Fingered Consensus      gauge extent of consensus 379

          Help Me Understand      know what participants want to know 381

          Red:Green Cards      honor feedback 380

        Plan - Explicitly Commit

Plan - Explicitly Commit      175

          Graphic Gameplan      agree on executable action plan 335

          RACI Matrix      clarify responsibility, improve morale 375

          Scenario Slider      identify and prepare for key scenarios 378

          Who/What/When Matrix      make clear commitments 377

          WhoDo      brainstorm, plan and prioritize actions 376

        Include - Care

Include - Care      176

          Air Time Mastermind      attract solutions to pressing problems 336

          Brainwriting      include everybody in evolving an idea 340

          Button      pay attention to everyone 339

          Open Space      network around active participants and their purposes 338

          Quaker Conversation      invite everybody and let conversation flow 337

          Talking Chips      include every voice equally 341

        Relax - Innovate

Relax - Innovate      177

          6-8-5      generate many rough ideas quickly 1693

          Break      challenge assumptions that constrain imagination 342

          Image-ination      get unstuck with new ideas 346

          Mission Impossible      let ideas settle, open room for new thoughts 344

          Object Brainstorm      suggest associations 343

          The Anti-Problem      get unstuck, note the obvious 345

        Recombine - Explicitly Innovate

Recombine - Explicitly Innovate      178

          Forced Analogy      introduce new angles 347

          Heuristic Ideation Technique      generate ideas by recombining possibilities 348

        Appeal - Implicitly Innovate

Appeal - Implicitly Innovate      179

          Ethos, Logos, Pathos      identify weakness in presentation 349

          Heart, Hand, Mind      appeal to a person holistically 350

        Dream - Explicitly Care

Dream - Explicitly Care      180

          Cover Story      thinking big 351

          Customer, Employee, Shareholder      imagine futures from several perspectives 355

          Make a World      sketch a vision of a future state 354

          Storyboard      imagine and create possibilities 353

          The Comeback Album of The Decade Game      imagining a new life 352

        Circumscribe - Consent

Circumscribe - Consent      183

          Pie Chart Agenda      agree quickly on agenda 364

          The 7Ps Framework      plan out a meeting 365

          Visual Agenda      increase interest in a meeting 363

        Perfect - Explicitly Validate

Perfect - Explicitly Validate      182

          Do, Redo & Undo      make mistakeproof 361

          Wizard of Oz      test the completeness of a design 362

        Reevaluate - Implicitly Validate

Reevaluate - Implicitly Validate      181

          How-Now-Wow Matrix      identify what is both new and achievable 356

          NUF Test      reality check for ideas 360

          Pre-Mortem      be upfront about risks 357

          Start, Stop, Continue      reevaluate activities 359

          SWOT Analysis      gauge and shape possibilities of success 358

        Distill - Implicitly Transform

Distill - Implicitly Transform      184

          Back of the Napkin      evoke informal, focused answers 366

          Draw the Problem      describe problems so that we care 370

          Elevator Pitch      sum up what is remarkable about your solution 367

          Pecha Kucha / Ignite      share, present concisely 369

          Poster Session      communicate ideas passionately with simple images 368

          The Pitch      focus on feasibility and viability 371

        Feel - Implicitly Innovate

Feel - Implicitly Innovate      185

          Bodystorming      sense what might work in the real world 372

          Mood Board      capture the feel of an idea 374

          Synesthesia      appreciate visceral, memorable aspects 373

        Agree - Implicitly Understand

Agree - Implicitly Understand      174

          Campfire      learn from stories, share culture 334

          Graphic Jam      visualize abstract concepts, absorb complexity 332

          History Map      appreciate relevance of organization's culture 331

          Memory Wall      appreciate people, foster team 329

          Visual Glossary      create a shared language 330

          Welcome to My World       share our internal map of reality 333

        Improve - Explicitly Innovate

Improve - Explicitly Innovate      173

          3-12-3 Brainstorm      fresh, incremental improvements 326

          Challenge Cards      identify, address challenges, improve product 328

          Plus/Delta      constructive feedback 327

        Invert - Explicitly Transform

Invert - Explicitly Transform      172

          Design the Box      translate features into benefits 321

          Flip It      open up opportunities 324

          Product Pinnochio      improve the end user experience 325

          The Virtuous Cycle      shift focus from process to recurring value 323

          Understanding Chain      unfold your knowledge from your audience's point of view 322

        Empathize - Implicitly Understand

Empathize - Implicitly Understand      171

          Empathy Map      develop a customer profile 316

          Fishbowl      observe conversational dynamics 317

          Give-and-Take Matrix      map out actors' motivations, interactions 315

          Pain-Gain Map      understand a person's motivations and decisions 314

          Show and Tell      elicit stakeholders' views 318

          Show Me Your Values      understand employee's perceptions of what values are involved 319

          Stakeholder Analysis      identify stakeholders and how to engage them 320

        Get to Know - Implicitly Care

Get to Know - Implicitly Care      170

          Ice Breaker      introduce people as creative spirits 313

          Low-Tech Social Network      get to know each other 312

          Trading Cards      embrace each other as self-defined 311

        Prioritize - Implicitly Commit

Prioritize - Implicitly Commit      169

          $100 Test      assign relative value 307

          20/20 Vision      agree how to rank initiatives 304

          Build the Checklist      order tasks or rank tasks 309

          Dot Voting      converge on ideas which capture most interest 306

          Forced Ranking      agree on priorities 305

          Impact and Effort Matrix      ground commitments 308

          Pro/Con List      identify key pros and cons to weight for decision 303

          Value Mapping      get feedback on what features are important 310

        Ground - Explicitly Care

Ground - Explicitly Care      168

          Context Map      show effects of context 302

          The 5 Whys      discover the root cause 300

          The Blind Side      acknowledge unknowns 301

        Structure - Understand

Structure - Understand      167

          Affinity Map      discover patterns relating categories 296

          Card Sort      categorize 298

          Post-Up      generate all relevant ideas 297

          Spectrum Mapping      expose the range of positions 299

          The World Cafe      recognize emergent patterns 295

        Clarify - Explictly Understand

Clarify - Explictly Understand      166

          Argument Map      acknowledge all positions and make them understandable 294

          Atomize      unpack large, messy structures 290

          Boundary Matrix      identify relevant links between two disciplines 1692

          Business Model Canvas      rethink a business model 293

          Force Field Analysis      appreciate forces both for and against change 291

          Post the Path      clarify the existing process 289

          Prune the Future      survey potential for incremental change 286

          Speedboat      identify obstacles to a goal 287

          SQUID      have and track a methodical discussion 285

          Staple Yourself to Something      clarify a process's impact on an object 288

          The 4Cs      gather and organize information 292