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Gospel Math is my new venture - creative, social, educational, spiritual and entrepreneurial.

Contact me at, +1 (773) 306-3807, skype: minciusodas Andrius Kulikauskas, 2010.11.23

Welcome to my workspace

This wiki is my workspace. I'm working by thinking out loud. I'm thinking through what I need to work on. As I work, I will put up finished works that you may find useful. I want to support self-education.

Sharing the ways of discovery

My unifying activity is sharing the ways of discovery. This includes:

  • Study of the hundreds of ways that I and others have figured things out.
  • Creation of materials for self-learning, especially in math and language.
  • Creative arts as a means of sharing discovery.
  • Organizing, in the Public Domain, an economy for making a living.
  • Grounding a shared culture where all truth is tangible.

Do You Recognize Jesus

Here's a Christmas card that I made: Do you recognize Jesus?


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