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I'm building websites for sculptor Darius Miliauskas in Butrimonys. Aistė Kaminskaitė is building one for dailidė Eimantas Sakavičius in Eičiūnai.

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Truth in Art

I am trying to talk about the center of the box, but people only see its sides. If I keep turning the box, then perhaps they will understand me.

Art is ambiguous. It is truly not what it seems. It is an honest lie. It lets us distinguish between meaning and expression.

Nobody wants to hear what I have to say. But when I say it with art, they stop to listen. Art holds us together. Art changes the rules.

My thumbs and my hands are four puppets: God, I, You, Them. How can I show their six lessons? With a box!

My box is the temple of Solomon. My book is The Book of Life. My sura is the testimony of the good.

My art is honest. It has something to say. It tries to say it.

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Truth in Art


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