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1) You Learn From Them

Truth is inside of us, deeper than words. Ask people what they know firsthand:

What do they value? What is their deepest value in life which includes all of their other values?

They may not have an answer. Or they may feel it but not yet have words for it. Or they may have already thought it through. As the ancient Greeks would say, they know themselves.

Their values are all uniquely beautiful: Holistic Helping, Learning From Each Other, Participatory Society, Serving Others, Fighting Peacefully, Synergy, Freedom, Faith, Family, Unity, Love...

If two people give the same answer such as Family, and you ask them what they mean by that, they will give you different answers.

Their deepest value is their spiritual name, like a Native American name. They will almost always let you share it.

It is how they hope to think of themselves. In practice, it is their strong point but also their blind spot. It is what we should have them be in charge of.

It is how they are happy to be categorized, how you can empathize with them and hold them accountable.

It is their soul, the essence of their personality, their principle which they substitute for themselves, their name which is written in the Book of Life, what is truly eternal.

They are thus like stars in the sky, seeing the entire sky from their particular position. As Jesus says, they are born again of the Spirit. They are Allah's holy names.

Their deepest values are all aspects of love, which is surely God's deepest value. They address what they each think is the problem with this world, the lack of love they feel. It is how they integrate their many values as they clash in daily life.

They invest themselves in their deepest value, which does not change but rather grows ever more clear to them. As they know themselves, they dare to go beyond themselves and ask what they do not know.

What do they seek to know? What is a question that they don't know the answer to, but wish to answer?


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